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Consumerization of The Enterprise

Key Trends that are Fueling a Monumental Shift in How You Work

Venture Moneyball

Sports Investing Can Survive as a Business of Singles & Doubles

To Survive Amazonโ€ฆ

โ€ฆD2C Startups Will Become Luxury Brands & why the next wave of VCBs will look more like Apple, than Amazon.

Other Media

The Rise Of Athletes In VC

Mini-TED Talk from Aug 2019, covering a brief history of athletes in venture capital, their investments, & why it matters to the overall startup ecosystem

Mixed Reality.png

How To Create A Mixed Reality Fan Experience

Audio recording of our SXSW 2018 panel featuring speakers from VNTANA, the NFL, the L.A. Kings and me!


THE CUSP SHOW #91: Insights From A Sports VC

Interview from December 2017 discussing trends in sports media and the challenges of investing as a corporate VC.


BOOKS Iโ€™ve Read In 2019

Destined For War

Thinking In Bets & The Undoing Project

The COurage To Be Dislike